Real grass is costly to keep looking beautiful. It requires water, maintenance, fertilizer and even when you try your hardest, sometimes your best just isn’t good enough and you are left with an ugly, patchy lawn despite your best efforts.

Synthetic turf allows homeowners to have green, flawless grass 365 days a year. In the driest heat of summer and in the wettest months of winter your backyard will be graced with the same green, natural-looking grass, and you will never be plagued by weeds, mud or lawnmowers ever again!


Golf lovers often have another motivation to seek out artificial turf. SonoranScapes Landscaping not only installs forever-green lawns, we also install personalized putting greens! Imagine how nice it would be to walk out your patio door and onto the course.

Surprisingly affordable, a residential putting green can turn your backyard into your new favorite hangout. Homeowners who opt for a putting green usually witness a huge spike in their game.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Artificial grass will actually pay for itself in just a few years with the savings from water consumption and maintenance. Homeowners are often amazed by how fast they recoup their investment and move on to saving money with artificial turf.